Welcome to Rexcellence Cornish Rex Cattery!


We breed only Cornish Rex cats and as a reputable cattery we breed for excellent quality, good health, loads of personality and loving temperament. Our kittens are raised in our home where they receive lots of love and attention as part of our everyday family life. Early socialisation and daily interaction with humans will develop a positive and well-adjusted personality leading to successful relationships within their new family.

While carefully selecting only the best for our breeding program we try to strengthen the chances of producing the most desirable characteristics.

We sell only kittens and cats whose temperament makes them suitable as loving pets in your home. All our kitties are all registered with CCA and/or CFA and come from champion bloodlines and with health guarantees. Please note: As part of your contract, declawing is stipulated as a non-starter. Call us now and we can explain why declawing is not an option for Rexcellence cats or kittens.

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